Easy Movie Rotator

For Mac OS X

Rotate videos with the wrong orientation on your mac.

Have you ever downloaded video from your phone or camera only to find that the picture is the wrong way up? Well we have, and we found it tricky to find an application to correct it.

We thought - 'Wouldn't it be good to have an app where you could simply drag in your video, press some big friendly buttons to rotate it and then save back in the same format?'

And so, Easy Movie Rotator was born.

Rotated video files are easily viewed in Quicktime for iPhone and iPad. For 3rd party players such as VLC, we have added an export facility to allow re-rendering.


  • To start drag and drop your movie file onto the Easy Movie Rotator dock icon, or into the start area, or use the menu.
  • To rotate use the big rotate buttons, keyboard controls or menu items.
  • Save to quickly to store your changes.
  • Export to 3G, DV, MPEG4 or Quicktime formats.

Find out more at www.easymovierotator.com


Available now on the Mac App Store. Click on the link above to take you there now!

Click to enlarge screenshots Drag in your Quicktime movie file to start This movie needs rotating! Click the rotate buttons. That's better. Job done!