Sleeps 'till special events

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Counting down the sleeps until a special event?
See them all with this handy app!

Sleeps 'till special events keeps count of how many sleeps until the special things in your life arrive.

See all your events in a big friendly carousel backed with a background from your photo library.


Swipe up to see all your events in a list.

From the list add or edit events

Simple to operate. Starts with a few default events. You can then swipe up to import birthdays automatically from you contacts or enter any type of event. Only a few swipes and you are off.

Displays in either actual sleeps or work/school day sleeps - tap the number of sleeps to swap between the working and normal sleep count.

What could you be counting down for?

  • Holiday
  • Outing or trip
  • Birthday
  • Night out
  • Reward
  • New film, album or tech launch
  • Special events
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Bank holiday
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Party
  • Test,job interview or exam


Available now on the App Store. Click on the link above to take you there now!

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