BPM Tap Tempo

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

A tap tempo and BPM delay time/LFO rate calculator,
all rolled into one handy application.

Want to know the tempo of a song? Tap your finger on the big friendly tap button in time with the music and the tempo will display at the top. Got a delay effect on your pedal/synth/effects rack? Accurate delay times are already on the screen for you to use. Got a LFO parameter on your effect or synth patch? The LFO rates are also on screen to set the effect in time with the track.


  • Tap in time with any music to find the tempo, correct delay times and LFO frequencies.
  • Hit the mode button to change the delay and LFO display to dotted or triplet time.
  • BPM can be adjusted manually if you already know the tempo and just need the delay/LFO rates.
  • Simple easy to use interface.


Available now on the App Store. Click on the link above to take you there now!

BPM Tap Tempo iPhone4 screenshot