Easy Movie Rotator - Photos extension to rotate movies quickly and easily.

It's easy to sometimes record movies at the wrong angle - now it's easy to fix it!

Rotate movies quickly and easily with this photo extension and native app.

  • Easy to use: Open a movie, rotate, save, done!
  • App and Photos extension: Use the stand alone app or directly inside the Photos app.
  • Save modes: You can either save in the original video format for faster saving or re-encode to ensure the rotated video will work on a wider variety of devices.

Available for both macOS and iOS.

Easy Movie Rotator macOS Photos extension screenshot
Easy Movie Rotator iOS Photos extension screenshot

See Easy Movie Rotator in action! (iOS version)


Available on the App Store now.

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Easy Movie Rotator

For iOS

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Easy Movie Rotator

For macOS

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