Speak Unit - A speech synthesiser app and audio extension

Ready to start talking in your mixes now!

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Want a speech synthesiser plugin for your favourite audio software?

If your favourite audio software accepts the new version 3 audio units (like Garageband and Logic) then look no further - Speak Unit is ready for both iOS and macOS!

Speak Unit is a retro lofi speaking robot ready to talk in your music tracks. Just type in a phrase for a note and when that note is played in your audio software Speak Unit will deliver the phrase. Text to speech (TTS) magic!

You can enter twelve phrases each mapped to a different note. Use the buttons on the robots chest to choose different notes.

Choose from 14 different voices for macOS and 7 different voices on iOS.

Press the 'Speak' button to listen to a phrase directly or press 'Save' to store it into the memory banks ready to be played via the audio software.

The stand alone app has a row of note buttons that trigger the phrases.

Note that Speak Unit cannot sing, Speak Unit is a robot and robots cannot sing!

See and hear Speak Unit in action!

Hear all the new voices for version 1.2

iOS Garageband demo

macOS Garageband demo


Available on the App Store now.

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Speak Unit

For iOS

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Speak Unit

For macOS

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