Improving playback timing with Core MIDI Network MIDI

15th Dec, 2013 | midi

The network MIDI feature for OS X and iOS is fantastic - a great way to connect your mobile and desktop apps together. However mileage can vary and timing can often become unacceptable depending on the mood of your local network.

This makes sense - Wifi is not designed for sending infrequent low latency small packets where each packet must be sent instantly.

Things can be massively improved by creating a private local network to connect your iOS device to your mac directly. And in a typically Apple way it's ridiculously easy to do!

On your mac in the wifi menu select 'Create Network…' and follow the instructions. Then on your mobile device switch to the new network.It may complain that there is no internet connection but that's ok - you don't want interruptions from email/twitter/etc during your MIDI session anyway 🙂