Photo Blather - Make your photos talk and make fun movies to share with your friends.

Photo Blather lets you make the mouth move to your voice on any photo and make funny video clips!

Choose a photo, draw the mouth, and record your voice. Simple!

The Photo Blather technology will automatically match the mouth movements to your voice like magic, so you can create as many videos as you like, in real time.

See what funny clips you can create when anyone and anything can start!

Upload your creations to Facebook to share it with the world and become a star!

With a small in-app purchase you get more features - switch between different photos to create different conversations and make mini movies. Save your clips to your camera roll, and and share directly with friends on email, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Watch the video

A quick demo of the app in action!

Photo Blather demo animation

So how does it work?

Here's a quick guide to get you started!

Get started!

First up - press the big '+' button and choose either to take a photo with the camera or choose a photo from your photo library.

The big plus button opens options to choose a take a photo
Frame the photo

Frame your photo

Got a photo? Now we frame it. Use 2 fingers to stretch or squeeze your photo to the right size. Then use one finger to move so it fits into the frame as you want it.

Zoom in on the mouth!

Next up is to draw the chin that will move. Again use the 2 finger pinch to zoom so the chin area fills the screen.

Zoom in so the chin fills the screen
Drawing the chin


Now tap draw and draw with your finger in one continuous motion the chin area you want to move. When you get back to the start point tap complete.

If it all goes wrong don't panic! Hit restart to have another go.

Open wide...

Now we must choose the amount an direction the mouth will open. Grab the chin, open it and let go. It will start by itself to see if you like it. If not just grab it again and have another go.

Open the mouth
Photo Blather demo animation

Do it!

Ok, now start talking and the mouth on your photo will start moving to the sound of your voice!

Press the record button so you can capture the action and then play back your movie to your friends. Hit the share button to share your creation with the world!

Extra features

Do even more with the extra features!

Extra features

Want more sharing options? Multiple photos in the same movie? No ads?

Tap the cog icon to open up settings and select extra features. With a small in app purchase you can open up the extra features. And remember once you've done the in app purchase once it will be available on all your iOS devices!

Tap the cog to open settings to reveal the extra features option
Extra share options and multiple photos with extra features installed

Now you can:

  • Share to YouTube, twitter, email and your photo roll!
  • Have multiple photos to choose from on the main screen! Now when you add a new photo the photos stack up in the photo carousel. Tap on a photo in the carousel to select it, even while recording! If you have too many in the carousel tap '+' then manage photos. Here you can select which photos you want to appear.
  • With multiple photos setup you can make conversations or even mini stories with a full set of actors!

Tips and tricks

Manage photos

Want to sort your photos? Click the big '+' then tap 'manage photos' and you will see all the photos you have setup. Tap a photo to select it to use. If you are done with a photo hit edit or swipe the photo and press delete.

Photo list screen
Movie list screen

Video list

Press the eye icon and you get a list of all the videos you have recorded. Tap to watch them, swipe to delete.

In app help

Each main screen has a help popup guide. Once you've learnt all the tricks you can turn off help on the settings page. Tap the cog icon and switch the help option to off. You can always switch it back on gain at any time.

Help screen
Change themes in settings

Colour theme

Want to customise? In the settings page you can switch between 3 colours for the app.

Mic settings

You can use it anywhere!

If you are in a loud place like town or playground you might find the chin opening without your voice! To fix this open the settings and turn down the mic sensitivity. While you are there you can set how quick the mouth opens with the mouth speed slider.

Have fun tweaking!

Microphone settings


Available on the App Store now.

Photo Blather iOS app icon

Photo Blather

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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