Audiospex - An app to visualise music library, microphone or test tones like an oscilloscope.

See your sound...put audio under the Audiospex to see a detailed visual representation of sound! Has all the key functions and behaviour of an oscilloscope, the engineers tool for this task. In particlular it simulates the classic effect of a CRT sweep fading over time, but also includes oscilliscope functions like level trigger to 'freeze' repetitive signals.

Use it as a visualizer, measurement tool or learning more about sound.


  • View audio waveforms from microphone input, your music library, the built in signal generator or from an inter app audio host app.
  • Zoom in with pinch gestures to see high frequency detail or zoom out to see the volume waveform over seconds.
  • Experiment with the built in signal generator to view 3 types of waveform and adjust both frequency and volume.
  • Play any song from your music library through the visualizer.
  • Accurately measure time and frequency with the grid set to convenient time intervals
  • Use the trigger mode to ensure the trace starts from the same point each time. This has the effect of 'freezing' simple waveforms making them easier to view.
  • Alter the colours of the trace, grid and background to any colour to fit your mood.
  • Change the decay time of the trace from a small blip to a continuous trace.

Watch it in action

Audiospex oscilliscope iPhone screenshot


Available on the App Store now.

Audiospex iOS app icon


For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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